Thesis Projects at Q-linea

We occasionally offer thesis projects to students, primarily in engineering disciplines. If interested, please contact us regarding your thesis project ideas.

  • We usually have one or two students per semester and try to offer projects that are related to but a bit outside our current focus. This is to make sure it’s the students own project and we think it provides most value for them. Of course, we are always very interested in the results but it’s important to us that the student has control of the project. They get a lot of responsibility but also freedom. Students that come to us, get a great insight into the industrial aspect of research. To come to a commercial company where all the projects we do, are aimed at improving patient care really gives them an opportunity to contribute to that – improved patient care. To have the opportunity to host students is very valuable for us as well. Students come with a different viewpoint and a lot of “why?” questions that really forces us to think and sometimes re-think. It’s always very helpful for us and we believe for the student as well. To do your thesis work at Q-linea will allow you to meet many different people with very different competencies. As a thesis student you get to be part of a group that’s interested in what you’re doing and are ready to support you – while at the same time you help us help patients.”

    Mats Gullberg

    VP IP & Research

  • I’m studying the Master degree programme in Innovative Medicine at Uppsala University and just completed my thesis project at Q-linea. My experience as a thesis student at Q-linea couldn’t have been better. First of all there's a lot of freedom with responsibility here, and I really like that. But at the same time it’s very easy to find support and help from co-workers - everyone is really enthusiastic and interested in your project and with that comes an openness to ask for help if you need it. When you come from academia and a very research-heavy background as I do, it’s incredibly valuable to learn about the industry and how everything works. It’s also great that you actually feel you are contributing to something useful, that your research project will actually be helpful. I immediately felt very welcome and as a part of the team. I think that’s something very special for Q-linea - that there is a very welcoming atmosphere and if you have any questions there’s always someone to ask. I think that’s kind of unique.


    Thesis Student

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